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Methods for delivering PBL through Minecraft Environments

PBL Specifications for Minecraft Environments

EPITOME challenge - All Should Play

All Should Play

“All Should Play” is a Minecraft world that promotes inclusion. In this challenge, you are tasked with gathering signatures from all the residents of your town in order to build a park in the centre square. However, you will soon realise that there are people with disabilities who have needs that need to be addressed before anything else. You get to photograph each section of your town that isn’t friendly to people with disabilities and correct them yourself! Finally, you get to create your own park that will be accessible to everyone in the town.

    EPITOME challenge - Buoyancy Challenge

    Buoyancy Challenge

    The “Buoyancy Challenge” Minecraft world is designed to fit into the curriculum of children from ages 12-14 years old, who learn about buoyancy in school. You get to see simulated experiments and learn about applications of your newly found knowledge. You are free to take a quiz about general knowledge regarding buoyancy. Experience the benefits of game-based learning first hand, by comparing how much you scored on the quiz before playing the game and after. 

    EPITOME challenge - CO-OP English Language Mystery

    CO-OP English Language Mystery

    CO-OP English Language Mystery, is a role-playing mystery game, set in Minecraft: Education Edition. Collaborate with your friends to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of Mr. Elm! Here is the catch: The hints are all in English. You must complete the sentences correctly to get each clue. Some players might also have to go through a maze, or escape from their locked room. The only certain thing is that every player has something to offer to this story. 

    EPITOME challenge - Discover Work

    Discover Work

    In the “Discover Work” challenge, the players get to embody people who used to practice professions that are now extinct. In this challenge, you need to take on the roles of: “The Knocker Upper”, “The Switch Board Operator” and “The Sponge Harvester”, in order to fix the space-time continuum. All the 3 challenges are different in their nature, since they take advantage of different capabilities of the Minecraft engine. This course aims to promote gender equality and provide contextualization for history events.

    EPITOME challenge - Studying Crystals

    Studying Crystals

    Traverse through the laboratory of crystallography of a university, to understand the structure of crystals and create a diamond! Go through 1-dimensional crystal all the way to 3-dimensional crystal bonds! This takes advantage of the first-person view of Minecraft and the 3D render it provides.