Presenting EPITOME Minecraft Collection at Launch Event in Valladolid 

On March 27th, 2023, the EPITOME project's partner, the University of Valladolid, presented a new Minecraft-based collection at the launch event held in the Salón de Grados of the Faculty of Education and Social Work in Valladolid, more

EPITOME presented in France at the WeTech exhibition at Euratechnologies! 

On March 24, during the WeTech exhibition at Euratechnologies, in collaboration with the startup Trezorium, the Epitome project was presented through a discovery workshop and four conferences to teachers, trainers and more.

EPITOME Pilot Program Takes Off in Spain 

During the month of April, the University of Valladolid has carried out the Pilot of the European Project EPITOME. A total of 15 teachers from different schools of primary and higher education participated and acquired knowledge of the project. more

EPITOME handbook for all the teachers out there! 

The EPITOME project has produced a comprehensive manual that will provide teachers with the necessary technical elements to use Epitome's resources and create their own learning paths using Minecraft. This handbook is an essential tool for all educators who want to promote problem-based learning (PBL) in their classrooms. It offers a range of guidelines and tools that will enable teachers to provide their students with an engaging and interactive learning experience, validate the created learning pathways, measure their students' evolution and commitment, and track their own progress in the use of PBL. We are thrilled to announce that this handbook is available on our project website more

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Engaging Learning for All - Explore the EPITOME Minecraft Education Collection

Explore 7 developed educational challenges in math, physics, language learning, history, chemistry, and social skills on our EPITOME Minecraft education collection, based on PBL methodology. These challenges offer a range of interactive activities, virtual experiences, simulations, and games to make learning fun and engaging. Visit our website at EPITOME Minecraft education collection to start exploring.


In this challenge, a student will learn how to support people with disabilities by repairing and creating public space that is inclusive and accessible to all in the Minecraft world!


Would you like to introduce kids you teach to the concept of buoyancy in a fun and interractive manner? Our second Minecraft challenge is designed to do exactly that! Not only will students learn what buoyancy is, but also how to apply the knowledge in real life.


Mystery games are not only fun, they can also be educational! Through our third Minecraft challenge, students can solve the mystery of Mr. Elm and develop their teamwork, problem-solving, and English skills! If you want to implement language education in a fun setting, this Minecraft challenge is a valuable resource for you.  


Have you ever heard for the profession of a “knocker upper”? And do you know how gender played an important part in some professions? The fourth #EPITOME Minecraft challenge enables you to teach kids about extinct professions and gender roles through historical context and different environments.  


Did you know that the Minecraft parkour can be used to teach linear equations in a fun and engaging manner! We have designed an innovative challenge where learners can complete their parkour tracks while racing with others by solving linear equations at checkpoints.  


Ready to take pupils to a virtual museum tour. In one of the EPITOME Minecraft challenges, players will be going through the museum of famous experiments done in history and gathering clues as to how the museum ended up in a forest! Through this challenge, players will learn about the scientific method.


Chemistry doesn't have to be challenging to students! Within the EPITOME project we have developed Minecraft challenge “Studying crystals”, that will enable kids to learn and create different crystaline structures.

Don't miss out on the chance to design your own virtual products! 

Visit EPITOME Foundry - an online active community with live help centre, EPITOME forum and experts support for facilitating the adoption of the EPITOME products.  

Exploring the Potential of mInecrafT in prObleM basEd curricula

The goal of this project is to support the use of digital learning spaces by European educators as a means to help them continue to deliver through virtual classrooms Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities that were until now offered only through physical collaboration in classrooms.
Support the use of digital learning spaces by European educators to improve the virtual education experience.
Improve educator competence in the use of tools like Minecraft for educational purposes
Creation of an EPITOME Minecraft world as well as associated guides, instructional material, and a handbook.
Building the EPITOME Foundry, constituting a community of practitioners to share knowledge and experience.
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CIVIC (coordinator)

CIVIC is helping businesses succeed through effective, usable technology by combining our expertise in user experience design, development and hosting to provide digital solutions that work.

CONNECT International

CONNECT is an international network based in Brussels, created to serve as a connection point among different stakeholders working with digital rights and digital agenda, as well as connecting the digital technologies with social work.

HeartHands Solutions

HeartHands is a dynamic consultancy offering a vast range of services bridging the gap between the commercial and public/EU funding ecosystems. 


Observal was created in 2008 as a thematic webportal for the monitoring and analysis developed in Spain on the procedures for recognition of professional competences acquired through work experience and/or non-formal and informal training paths.

Taran Consulting

Taran Consulting is a French business consulting agency supporting transformation of public and private organizations and territories through innovation and digital, created in March 2015. 

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