Exploring the Potential of mInecrafT in prObleM basEd curricula

The goal of this project is to support the use of digital learning spaces by European educators as a means to help them continue to deliver through virtual classrooms Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities that were until now offered only through physical collaboration in classrooms.
Support the use of digital learning spaces by European educators to improve the virtual education experience.
Improve educator competence in the use of tools like Minecraft for educational purposes
Creation of an EPITOME Minecraft world as well as associated guides, instructional material, and a handbook.
Building the EPITOME Foundry, constituting a community of practitioners to share knowledge and experience.
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We started with the promotion of the EPITOME Minecraft Collection at launch events: 

In Brussels...

The launch event for the EPITOME project’s Minecraft worlds collection was held in Brussels on February 24, 2023 organised by Connect International. The event was attended by representatives from European Institutions NGOs, the academic public, the business sector working on education, as well as educators and gamers...read more

In Edinburgh...

CIVIC held EPITOME collection launch event at Melting Pot, Edinburgh on March 17, 2023. The event started with an introduction to Erasmus+ program and CIVIC's company structure, followed by a presentation of the EPITOME project and its main products – developed Minecraft education collection for schools and EPITOME Foundry...read more.

EPITOME Foundry begins working

EPITOME Foundry is an online active community with live help centre, EPITOME forum and experts support for facilitating the adoption of the EPITOME products...read more

Activities of TARAN consulting, Franch project partner in dissemination Epitome mission and Epitome Minecraft world in France 

Epitome at Educatech - national education and technology fair

Educatech, the French national education and technology fair, has for several years hosted a space reserved for teachers, the Carrefour de l'Innovation Pédagogique. It is within this framework that the Epitome project was presented on Friday, December 2 in the reception area in an informal way...read more

Epitome Minecraft world workshop at Condorcet school Roubaix (France)

This workshop organized at the Condorcet school in Roubaix with pupils of CPs (class of Mrs. Betaucourt) is the first of a series of several sessions, aiming to make them work on the knowledge and the use of directions around a "cartography" challenge...read more

3rd EPITOME Transnational Project Meeting

On October 6, 2022 in Brussels we held 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the EPITOME project. The goal of the meeting was to summarise and evaluate project activities and deliverables produced so far...read more

More news

Release of developed EPITOME Minecraft education collection

We are proud to announce the release of our Minecraft education collection! This unique learning tool offers 7 educational challenges across a range of subjects including math, physics, language learning, history, chemistry, and social skills.

The released EPITOME Minecraft education collection is designed for school students and their teachers and includes a range of interactive activities and virtual experiences, such as simulations, games, and workshops, all based on a problem-based learning method. Through these challenges, learners can explore virtual spaces, and learn how to apply this knowledge in the developed Minecraft world, as well as in real-world scenarios. Additionally, users can design their own virtual products, making the learning experience both fun and practical.

For more information visit the page https://epitomeproject.eu/challenges


CIVIC (coordinator)

CIVIC is helping businesses succeed through effective, usable technology by combining our expertise in user experience design, development and hosting to provide digital solutions that work.

CONNECT International

CONNECT is an international network based in Brussels, created to serve as a connection point among different stakeholders working with digital rights and digital agenda, as well as connecting the digital technologies with social work.

HeartHands Solutions

HeartHands is a dynamic consultancy offering a vast range of services bridging the gap between the commercial and public/EU funding ecosystems. 

Learning Seed

Learning Seed is a Greek human-focused NGO aiming to provide hands-on support to socially vulnerable and marginalized groups and people in need, through the provision of trainings that establish equal access to educational opportunities. 


Observal was created in 2008 as a thematic webportal for the monitoring and analysis developed in Spain on the procedures for recognition of professional competences acquired through work experience and/or non-formal and informal training paths.

Taran Consulting

Taran Consulting is a French business consulting agency supporting transformation of public and private organizations and territories through innovation and digital, created in March 2015. 

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