EPITOME presented at the WeTech exhibition at Euratechnologies!

On March 24, during the WeTech exhibition at Euratechnologies, in collaboration with the startup Trezorium, the Epitome project was presented through a discovery workshop and four conferences to teachers, trainers and students. The workshop allowed to discover the district where the Euratechnologies center is located in the form of a Minecraft world where an egg hunt was organized around the most important places of the district.

More than 80 children took part in the workshop, while the conferences presented Epitome from a pedagogical point of view and allowed for an exchange with teachers and trainers. These discussions sparked interest in how Epitome can be used in various school settings. As for the workshop, it was difficult to get the students to stop, as was the case with this teenager who "came for five minutes" and was still present at the Trezorium booth two hours later ;-)