Epitome Minecraft world workshop at Condorcet school, Roubaix (France)

This workshop organized at the Condorcet school in Roubaix with pupils of CPs (class of Mrs Betaucourt) is the first of a series of several sessions, aiming to make them work on the knowledge and the use of directions around a "cartography" challenge. The school's neighborhood was recreated using the IGN's online tool "Minecraft à la carte". An egg hunt was then integrated to visualize several notable buildings in the city and the target locations the children had to go to, namely the sports hall, the swimming pool and the Conservatory. The goal of the workshop is to transpose the exploration within Minecraft into the creation of "itinerary" cards helping them to move around the neighborhood during extracurricular activities.
This first session allowed them to discover the application, although many of them already knew and had already played Minecraft. The children went beyond our objectives by starting to build/modify the map, while naturally working in a collaborative way by sharing their skills, discoveries and experiences.